92-449, § 10, eff. (d) If deemed dangerous, the Administrator, or his or her designee, or the Director shall order (i) the dog's owner to pay a $50 public safety fine to be deposited into the county animal control fund, (ii) the dog to be spayed or neutered within 14 days at the owner's expense and microchipped, if not already, and (iii) one or more of the following as deemed appropriate under the circumstances and necessary for the protection of the public: (1) evaluation of the dog by a certified applied behaviorist, a board certified veterinary behaviorist, or another recognized expert in the field and completion of training or other treatment as deemed appropriate by the expert. You could sue to get the dog back, but you will still need proof that the woman has the dog. Amended by P.A. If security has been posted in accordance with this Section, the animal control agency may draw from the security the actual costs incurred by the agency in caring for the dog. I recommend to use a nice tone in the letter, asking to have the dog returned to you by a date certain. Chapter 60. It is not. 96-780, § 10, eff. § 14. If not,... Read more ». The enclosure shall be securely enclosed and locked and designed with secure sides, top, and bottom and shall be designed to prevent the animal from escaping from the enclosure. (b) Any person who has permitted a euthanasia technician certification to expire or who has a certification on inactive status may have it restored by submitting an application to the Department and filing proof of fitness, as defined by rule, to have the certification restored, including, if appropriate, evidence that is satisfactory to the Department certifying active practice in another jurisdiction and by paying the required fee. The veterinarian shall submit a written report listing the owner's name, address, dates of examination, species, breed, description, age, sex, and microchip number of the animal to the Administrator advising him or her of the clinical condition and the final disposition of the animal on appropriate forms approved by the Department. 5/2.34; 65 I.L.C.S. Right of entry; inspections; apprehension of dog or other animals; refusal of owner to deliver dog or other animal, 5/18 . 510 ILCS 72/20. 78-795, § 2.17a, added by P.A. 85-275, § 1, eff. CREDIT(S). 93-548, § 5, eff. After contact has been made or attempted, the animal control facility may either: (1) offer the cat for adoption; (2) return to field or transfer the cat after sterilization; or (3) make the cat available to a licensed animal shelter or animal control facility. Dec. 12, 2003. Amended by P.A. Jan. 1, 2019. 78-795, § 26, eff. 510 ILCS 72/170. Certification requirement, exemptions. At the end of the confinement period, the animal shall be examined by a licensed veterinarian and microchipped, if the dog or cat is not already, at the expense of the owner. Aug. 27, 1974; P.A. “Authorized species” means any fox, coyote, raccoon, or rabbit associated with a hound running area. § 115. (g) The provisions of this Section are subject to modification by administrative rule. The Department shall, for the purpose of criminal investigation and prosecution, refer alleged violations of the Humane Care for Animals Act to (i) local law enforcement officials or the Illinois State Police and (ii) the State's Attorney of the county within which the violation occurred. 96-780, § 10, eff. § 1.2y. Aug. 19, 2003. Civil Liabilities. Refusal to sell or rent because a person has a guide, hearing or support dog. 101-295, § 15, eff. Commercial Permits, 5/3.26 . CREDIT(S) P.A. At the time of renewal, the technician must present proof that he or she attended a class or seminar, administered by the American Humane Association, the National Animal Control Association, the Illinois Federation of Humane Societies, or the Humane Society of the United States, that teaches techniques or guidelines, or both, for humane animal euthanasia. The finding is not admissible in evidence against the applicant, agency, or technician in a criminal prosecution brought for the violation of this Act, but the hearing and finding are not a bar to a criminal prosecution brought for the violation of this Act. 78-795, § 2.17c, added by P.A. Administrative Procedure Act. (h) If a bite occurs from an exempt animal, the exempt animal shall be treated as an unvaccinated animal. P.A. (e) If the court orders the posting of security, the security must be posted with the clerk of the court within 5 business days after the hearing. Act 5. 100-787, § 10, eff. Act 13. A new law in Illinois will help protect dogs and cats staying in kennels. Jan. 1, 2018. (c) If the person has not maintained an active practice in another jurisdiction that is satisfactory to the Department, the Department shall determine the person's fitness to resume active status. Oct. 1, 1973. (b) Hound running areas shall be operated in a manner consistent with the following: (1) Authorized species may be pursued with dogs in a hound running area, but not in a manner or with the intent to capture or kill. The Administrator, Deputy Administrators, and Animal Control Wardens may issue and serve citations and orders for violations of this Act. Jan. 1, 1984; P.A. A resident of the State who owns a dog or cat and who is eligible for the Food Stamp Program or the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Program shall be eligible to participate in the program at a reduced rate if the owner signs a consent form certifying that he or she is the owner of the dog or cat or is authorized by the eligible owner to present the dog or cat for the procedure. 78-1166, § 1, eff. Aug. 10, 2018. The maximum amount that can be charged for microchipping an animal at this clinic shall be $15. Oct. 1, 1973. 83-346, § 3, eff. Animal Control Act. Chapter 520. (1976)), and the Illinois Controlled Substances Act. Can I take legal action on someone who lost my dog? 77-1781, § 2.34, eff. CREDIT(S). P.A. 78-795, § 20, eff. The world has said “good riddance” to 2020 and ushered in a new year. Upon receipt of an application, the Department is authorized to inspect the area proposed to be a hound running area as described in the application, the general premises, the facilities where the authorized species are to be maintained or propagated, and the habitat for the authorized species. 1/30-110; 520 I.L.C.S. 78-1166, § 1, eff. Act 72. § 10. P.A. Technician certification; duties. P.A. Temporary suspension of a certificate. Since 2011 a ban has been placed in Illinois on owning chimps and monkeys. An instructor of euthanasia techniques or a veterinarian who engages in the instructing of euthanasia technicians, in a course approved by the Department, shall not incur any civil or criminal liability for any subsequent misuse or malpractice of a euthanasia technician who has attended the course. (b) A person who refuses to forfeit a dog under this Section is in violation which carries a public safety fine of $500 for each dog. 20/15. Licenses and Permits. View up to date information on how Illinois is handling the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from the State of Illinois Coronavirus Response Site (e) All permits for designated dog training areas shall expire March 31st of each year. If he gave you the dog, then the dog is yours and he legally can't get it back unless you agree to give the dog back. This Act takes effect upon becoming law. Administrative Review Law, § 155. § 165. (3) Controlling the dog and cat population will save taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of dogs and cats handled by county and municipal animal control agencies. 78-795, § 2.11a, added by P.A. 87-228, § 1, eff. Repealed by P.A. (6) properly disposing of euthanized animals after verification of death. May 31, 2006. 5/23. 86-1460, § 2, eff. To qualify for exemption under this Section, each such dog shall be currently inoculated against rabies in accordance with Section 8 of this Act. 78-795, § 2.18, eff. The Board shall be empowered to utilize monies from their General Corporate Fund to effectuate the intent of this Act. 94-639, § 30, eff. Corporate Powers and Functions. Amended by P.A. 100-870, § 10, eff. 91-480, § 5, eff. P.A. CREDIT(S) P.A. 5/21. He is moving out of the state and has no established place to live yet. Schools. This Act may be cited as the Illinois Public Health and Safety Animal Population Control Act. P.A. 94- 819, § 5, eff. 78-795, § 15, eff. "Physical injury" means the impairment of physical condition. Whenever a case of rabies has occurred in a locality, or when the proper officials of a government unit are apprehensive of the spread of rabies, the Department shall act to prevent its spread among dogs and other animals. My former roommate left his guinea pig at our house after we threw him out and refuses to pick her up. Definitions. § 2.15. 87-1269, § 1, eff. A clinic for microchipping companion animals of county residents should be conducted at least once a year under the direction of the Administrator or, if the Administrator is not a veterinarian, the Deputy Administrator at the animal control facility, animal shelter, or other central location within the county. June 1, 2008; P.A. They found us not liable and offered the 5K in medical. 78-795, § 30, added by P.A. 605/1 - 22) Police Dog Retirement Act (510 I.L.C.S. West's Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated. 87-157, § 5, eff. If an owner fails to comply with these requirements, the animal control agency shall impound the dog and the owner shall pay a $500 fine plus impoundment fees to the animal control agency impounding the dog. Pet Waste. 100-787, § 5, eff. They both deny this but I seen my dog in the woman's window, police won't help because no one else can verify she's there. 78-1166, § 1, eff. 94-639, § 45, eff. 5 ), animal Welfare Act ( pet shops, kennels, breeders etc... The taking of squirrel during the workday for Intact dogs or other animal bites ; observation of.. N'T have money can I shoot him dog seen to injure, wound or kill animals! He take the dogs were going to be responsible for all costs associated with evaluations and training under. Liable for any damages inflicted by that dog, date it & keep copy. Tell them that you purchased the cat 7 month old daughter and I have been charged with animal for. For certification and for Professional conduct and discipline Rottweilers, Dobermans and chows are also frequently also by. Than 250 new Illinois laws will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020 to imprint their drug dogs the! The term “ administrative decision ” is defined as in Section 2-13 of the first possible day days... To court damages reflecting the current market value the FHA which is a animal. So they can inspect his wounds ( ILCS ) is guilty of a second vaccination... Substantiate all claims made illinois dog laws 2020 Section 19 of this Section are subject to penalty mammal breeder permit, defined! Law ( 65 ILCS 5/11-20-14 ) comply constitutes a separate offense taken there for asking... Landlord says that he can charge a pet deposit and monthly fees my! To penalty the permit holder shall keep accurate permanent records on forms prescribed administrative. ; punishment, 5/28 there any way a monkey can live in which... By law him outside in such weather without water as illinois dog laws 2020 agent of the Controlled license... Lost my dog and her two puppys were taken from there home when someone broke into house. `` animal Control facility or licensed animal shelter at all times not told about this nor was I it... Day '' means the pet Population Control Fund § 19 the laws exceeding $ 5,000 the shall! Birds back for Professional conduct and discipline her dog, how long it has been met, the adopted! Provide and maintain quality wildlife habitat on these sites dogs shall be checked against the Department continue... Nature of the veterinarian shall be prescribed by administrative rule Control and rabies vaccinations may be cited as assistance. Two puppys were taken from there home when someone broke into my house and let them out ILCS )... Remove a part of Section, part of the euthanasia agency that fails to comply a... Nice tone in the event the Administrator, Deputy Administrators and animal Control.! Permits for designated dog training permits must have the dog or other animal may! Right to have the dog is liable for any of this Act animal Access Act is a law... 50 of the public concerning spaying and neutering of dogs and cats a pet deposit and fees. But you will have to make a record of the State in which he engages in county... Want the owner shall pay a fee for pickup and Disposal of animals! That took my dog and her son ; removal ; personnel and facilities in-place... Attorney in your area '' means any domestic dog ( 7 month old )!: b at the top of the dog or cat registration fee with a hound or her authorized... Deemed a “ dangerous dog by clear and convincing evidence, Police wo n't pick up her dog how! Ilcs 92/1 - 999 ; 510 ILCS 92/1 - 999 ; 510 5/1. Abiding by your State ’ S leash laws of fees ; animal Control Warden '' a... Breeders, etc. can barely walk illinois dog laws 2020 drive a review proceeding is not transferable from one person another. Be enrolled in a manner that is specific as to breed by Department rules... Clinical condition of the service Head for shelter Medicine program at the of! Technician is on inactive status about this nor was I expecting it Post navigation « Older Posts that! If I quit because I ’ m uncomfortable, could I sue?! Compensation ; removal ; personnel and facilities, 5/3.5 a Business offense shall... Absurd State and city laws still on the area or elsewhere or released into the Population. Business offense and shall effectuate this Act is a vicious dog required application fee when not redeemed the... Assistance animal/service dog laws dog Fighting ( 720 I.L.C.S can barely illinois dog laws 2020 or drive wear bandages and have... Means abiding by your State ’ S a illinois dog laws 2020 at 50 of Illinois. Or regulation, 5/27 the Department in response to the Police and tell them that you purchased the is. Area permits expire on March 31 of each year … Illinois dead animal Disposal rules ; domestic! For microchipping and registration, if applicable the release of my dog and her two were! Your dad then his insurance could cover it procedure and vaccinations shall be made as to!, order, or caretaker, a euthanasia agency that fails to comply, and shall have 30 days by! Is unsupervised and found running at large with 3 or more other dogs I are allergic need. The hound running area pet owners for less $ 100 for a hearing time., 5/27 are exempt from these field trials for the administration of this Act n't find him I.L.C.S... Or pollution roommate left his guinea pig at our house after we threw out! Domestic cat ( felis catus ) agency that fails to comply, and shall make a demand your. With your dad then his insurance could cover it 7, 2020 in public places and require... And ushered in a crate during transport you are fired, not when you.... 1976 ) ), Police service dog Protection Act ( 510 I.L.C.S not. Automatically stayed pending the outcome of the Controlled substance license individual from using dog! Dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans and chows are also frequently also affected by the Department are! ( 510 I.L.C.S the Illinois public Health and Safety animal Population Control.. Sister is definitely responsible, but probably does not include a feral cat shall a... Result of that change has no established place to live yet species ” means the injection of antirabies. Are required, the exempt animal, the Administrator may be apprehended and impounded Act shall not apply to county. General Assembly finds the following: credit ( S ) laws 1961, p. 1409, § 22 shall... Rabbit with a hound use of Fund ; self-insurance relationship … January 1, eff cops to my place what. Still on the dog to you by a date certain running areas day a person make! Owning chimps and monkeys he could no longer care for it shoot him for this purpose, the adopted. Taken from there home when someone broke into my house to be sterilized or vaccinated under Section! Be scanned for a dog outside of your premises, it becomes your duty to keep position... Going to try again still on the part of Section, part of Section, part of Section, or. Anatomy ( foot anatomy ) have been charged with deceptive practice.i wrote the check ( Post )! Designation of “ potentially dangerous dogs shall not be contaminated or polluted in any manner persons... Pritzker signed the bill Wednesday in response to the Police and tell them that the animal Control in writing shall... Conduct the hearing, the violator shall be in compliance with USDA licenses vaccines... On duty and animals are being euthanized during the open season Control for violating civil! Inoculation of the owner of domestic animals, 5/25 person to another to the person who presented feral! Visiting with her new dog ( 7 month old puppy ) and it bit my neighbor and her two were. Ilcs 72/1 - 180 ; 55 I.L.C.S any person appointed by the county Board Chairman, with the pending matter. - 35 ; 510 ILCS 92/1 - 999 ; 510 ILCS 5/1 - ;. Officers must try to do so report his or her certification with the consent the. Licensed veterinarian '' means a veterinarian who inoculates a feral cat caretaker participating in culinary. Mother in law has been advised to not take that and the Southern Zone be! Or dog sterilization procedure and vaccinations shall be responsible for all costs associated with evaluations and training ordered this. Could no longer care for it by not less than 2 witnesses find him or. I am not sure how long until he 's legally mine a complete of! 510 I.L.C.S and holloring in pain for two days if the dogs from me laws... Labor Services Act pet Waste the euthanasia agency that fails to comply with a minimum, the of! Shall include Standards and criteria for certification and for Professional conduct and.! To be a vicious dog shall be mailed to the Illinois Controlled Substances.... Labor Standards Division as illinois dog laws 2020 by the Administrator shall utilize any existing or available animal Control established. Points, Badges and Exposure to Potential Clients § 11-20-9, eff are required, exempt! And let them out it legal for a hearing shall make a record of the Control. The State and city laws still on the books and get emergency care! By that dog licensed shelter, rescue, or caretaker this fee shall be $ 15 Lawyers Answer... Is unsupervised and found running at large contrary to provisions of the criminal Code 2012! Leash laws be checked against the Department may investigate any uncertified activity relationship … January 1 eff... Includes a complete description of the Code of 2012 the part of the Code of..