: Catching up with London’s Original Ghostbusters Tania Seabock ~ From… Read more. One survivor included the captain, Nantucket native George Pollard Jr., who had helped to kill and eat his own cousin -- the young boy had drawn a bad lot, a "custom of the sea" to help decide who would be murdered for meat, to sustain the others. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, former Emir of Jamaat-e-Islami, right-wing party in Pakistan; vocal critic of US counterterrorism policy. It is virtually impossible not to get choked up over the tragedy and sadness that befell these Arctic pioneers. Greely was never able to overcome the disgrace of these accusations; they even negated the value of the scientific work the expedition had done. It is the story of a determined man with an ambitious, promising idea that ultimately ends in tragedy and scandal. The first to perish was William Cross, who is buried at Congressional Cemetery. After the war, he reenlisted and performed well in his duties, but he was searching for something that would give him a lasting place in the annals of his time. In 1884, when the party was finally rescued, only seven remained – and only six made it back to safety. https://www.nytimes.com/books/first/g/guttridge-ghosts.html, Come to the Kraine Theater in the East Village for six tales of treacherous plans and treasonous schemes, esoteric knowledge and secret societies that go unseen; connivances, counterplots, countermines and put-up jobs… Join us for Odd Salon NYC: CONSPIRACY! He spent most of the time inside his sleeping bag, but others took control and the men finally accomplished a landing on barren Ellesmere Island at Cape Sabine, where they set up a makeshift shelter they called Camp Clay. As part of this project, an American expedition led by former Union Army officer Lieutenant Adolphus Greely established a Polar Year station on Ellesmere … (2001). Their mission was establish meteorological observation stations and collect astronomical and polar magnetic data. Kirstie Alley, actress; won Emmy and Golden Globe as the leading actress in the TV series Cheers. The inspiration for what became the Greely Expedition (also known as the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition) came from a veteran of the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition of 1872-74, Lieutenant Karl Weyprecht of the Austrian Navy, who in 1875 floated a proposal for a cooperative, international effort to collect scientific data in the Arctic. A.W. The expedition was a maritime venture carried out by a ground force, the U.S. Army. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. In1879, the International Polar Conference decided to establish the first … This was a multinational collaborative to gather scientific data about the globe’s frigid polar reaches; technically, this first IPY spanned 1882 to 1883, but the ill-starred Greely mission set out in 1881 . Enter Greely, who saw the chance for status and fame. Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, commander of the Luftwaffe. When they arrived back in the U. S. it was hardly a hero’s welcome. But Greely was able to regain his senses and control of the men, even though death was creeping into the expedition. Twenty-five men departed Newfoundland for the Artic in 1881. Even the on-camera authorities seem in awe of the range of emotions these men shared with each other under the most trying of circumstances. The men built a sturdy compound they named Fort Conger and then set about making the round-the-clock metrological measurements that would become the recorded story of the expedition. Levy has produced a page-turner that tells in fascinating detail the story of Lt. Adolphus Greely--who ranks as one of the 19th-century's most intrepid and ruthless explorers -- and the two dozen men of his command who battled the Arctic elements and each other to try to survive one of the most harrowing voyages of discovery ever recorded." Expert talks on odd topics; odd talks on everything else. This is the story of the Greely expedition who set out to establish a camp in the Arctic to establish a geographical observation post. In the most far-reaching decision of the expedition, the ship pulled up anchor and left after unloading was completed at Lady Franklin Bay. At first, the Expedition seemed successful. As a child he had seen his father crippled and his mother's life drained away in a Massachusetts mill town, and he wanted none of it. Two years after their arrival at Fort Conger, they were forced to abandon the base and all research gathered in a desperate race to survive. Greely is number 22 in this picture. Courtesy of the John Greely Family. American Experience, The: The Greely Expedition (2011) *** 1/2 (out of 4) Another very good entry in The American Experience series. Modern researchers reason that if the men had stayed at Fort Conger, they probably would have been just fine. Now, The Greely Expedition, which premieres Monday night, January 31, at 9:00 pm ET on PBS, delivers a story of adventure and promise that devolves into loss and despair—but it is a story worth telling, an episode worth watching. Of the six who survived, five made it back to the United States, one having died along the way, and upon their return were venerated as heroes. At Fort Conger, the expedition hadn’t lost a man. For a lesson in how men can run through such a range of calamities and emotions and still be perceived as heroic, watch The Greely Expedition—after which you will probably want to put on a DVD of something more upbeat, like Singin’ in the Rain. A new rescue effort reached the camp on Ellesmere Island, but the expedition was in bad shape. Tex Ritter, singer, actor ("Have I Told You Lately that I Love You?"). In 1881, First Lieutenant Greely was given command of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition on the ship Proteus. February 6th, 2018 at Public Works SF. Meanwhile, two rescue attempts had been made to reach Fort Conger but were turned back by impassible ice in the channel. A new rescue effort reached the camp on Ellesmere Island, but the expedition was in bad shape. By Laura Waterman, College of Wisconsin Press, 384 pages. Featuring: Kurt Larson ~Abbas Ibn Firnas: A Man who Plummeted a Lot Gillian Wolfe ~ Mabel Stark: The OG Crazy Cat Lady… Read more, Tales of the taboo & verboten, the underground, off limits & secrets behind closed doors. P.W. 2019. Adolphus Greely. Many of the men, including Greely, kept personal diaries as well. Anyway, I'm watching a show about his ill-fated Lady Franklin Bay arctic expedition of 1881-1884. With Tim Hopper, Justin Mader, Michael Murphy, Rich Porfido. Apr 22, 2019 - Read reviews and buy American Experience: The Greely Expedition (DVD)(2011) at Target. The focus stays on the men and their interactions—that aura of Victorian duty and valor that we have difficulty understanding in the modern age. Unfortunately, Greely and his men became the object of multiple rescue attempts themselves. Join our mailing list for event announcements, the latest articles, and news from the Oddlings. But Greely decided to follow the army’s orders to make their way to Cape Sabine; a rescue party was to be waiting in the area there. Greely Expedition ranks with the Lewis and Clark Expedition in importance. First Lieutenant Adolphus W. Greely Born: March 27, 1844 Survived the expedition. The story of the ill-starred Greely scientific expedition to the Arctic is the focus of a new American Experience episode. He joined the army, fought in the Civil War and gained a commission. Horizontal albumen cabinet photo on white mount — 16.5cm x 10.7cm; image: 14.5cm x 10.5cm. The surviving members of the Greely Expedition. Promoted by Henry W. Howgate, its purpose was to establish one of a chain of meteorological-observation stations as part of the First International Polar Year. One of the expedition’s organizers maintained that the presence of a ship would make the men soft and unwilling to explore inland—an idea that Greely supported. --Tom Clavin, New York Times bestselling author of … Explorations into the odd corners of history, science, art & adventure. Greely’s ship was anchored in Fort Conger 1882-1883 and his men were driven to hardship by the consecutive failure of two supply parties to reach them. Michael W. Vannier, radiologist; played important role in advancing three-dimensional imaging and surgical planning. Abandoned; the story of the Greely Arctic Expedition, 1881-1884. ODD SALON NYC: conspiracy Curated by Greg Taubman Speakers and Stories… Read more, Exploring the nature of intellectual inquiry and its many manifestations from the cabinets of wonder of the Enlightenment the collectors of oddities behind them, the roots of the scientific revolution to the question of what exactly killed the cat. Jay Wertz is the producer-director-writer of the award-winning 13-part documentary series Smithsonian’s Great Battles of the Civil War for The Learning Channel and Time-Life Video. Greely came apart on the trip. Featuring: Reigh Robitaille ~ Treasures, Secrets,… Read more, A celebration of odd bits & strange tales, overlooked marvels, unsung heroes, & uncommon knowledge, high adventure and scientific innovation, unlikely heroes and strange beasts, detachable heads and scantily clad beauties. The northernmost outpost was assigned to the United States. The visual symbolism is suggested, not shouted. However, these historical measurements are of great value to modern scientists studying the changes in the Polar Regions and the effect on Earth’s environment. Howard Stern, radio personality, author, TV show host; noted as a "shock jock" for his controversial comments on air. To relate this story, American Experience turned to veteran filmmaker Rob Rapley, who last year did the well-received biography Wyatt Earp for the series. They were disappointed once again, but had to spend the winter there anyway, in dismal conditions, with scarcity of food and fuel. December 12th, 2017, at Public Works SF. The American Greely expedition departed over thirty years later but was similarly beset by troubles. Accusations of cannibalism, openly made immediately after the expedition's return (Anonymous, 1884), were denied by Greely himself, as well as by David HistoryNet.com contains daily features, photo galleries and over 5,000 articles originally published in our various magazines. Ira Hays, one of the US Marines photographed in the iconic image of raising a flag on Mt. Twenty-five men wintered over twice at the station which they called Fort Conger. Jack London, American writer (The Call of the Wild). Featuring: Christopher Reeves ~ Science vs. Ectoplasm: Your Orifices Aren’t Haunted Lindsay Lelivelt ~ Who ya Gonna Call? Featuring: Leonard Apeltsin ~ In Search of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island Kate… Read more, Stories of risk takers and adrenaline-driven adventures, those who defy death, gamble with their lives, and cast safety to the winds. The highly polished history series from PBS affiliate WGBH, American Experience, is beginning 2011 with a number of programs featuring events of American history that have seen little or no airtime on television before. Different nations were assigned areas on the Arctic Circle to set up a total of fourteen stations for scientific study. With all the marvelous footage in this documentary, I would imagine a few extra shots could have been found to cover the necessary amount of content. Greely's historic starvation camp of 1883-84 was revisited from April to June 1998. From PBS and American Experience - Using scientific accounts, diaries, photographs and letters, this film reveals how poor planning, personality clashes, questionable decisions and pure bad luck conspired to turn a noble scientific mission into a human tragedy. Twenty-four soldiers volunteered to join the expedition, most of them hardy cavalrymen who lacked knowledge of scientific matters and of the sea. Eight men survived and were found in the two remaining boats among bones and human remains. Greely is number 22 in this picture. John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony. Guttridge, Leonard F. Ghosts of Cape Sabine; The Harrowing True Story of the Greely Expedition  This one takes a look at the 1881 expedition of twenty-six men led by Adolphus Greely as they would travel to the North and enter certain areas of Greeland. A party from the expedition also accomplished an important goal of the U.S. Government that had less to do with scientific research than with bragging rights—they reached a geographical point that was farther north in the Arctic than the place where the British had established a world polar record two centuries earlier. They were also charged with finding clues, and maybe even survivors of, an earlier expedition, lost two years earlier. She pestered the Army and Congress to no avail. Image courtesy American Experience and WGBH. But their fortitude and character were what would ultimately count most in this unusual assignment. In 1881 Adolphus Greely and his men, aboard the Ship Proteus, set out as part of the International Polar Expedition, whose destination was Lady Franklin Bay. Led by a rather unlikeable Greely they survived two years without relief and set records for reaching the most northern point in the Arctic. reports (Greely, 1886; Schley, 1887) and later documenta-ries (Brainard, 1929, 1940) reveal that the seven men survived on scanty game and marine crustaceans collected at the campsite. Igor Kurchatov, Russian physicist, known as the "father of the Soviet atomic bomb.". I’m getting a feeling when I begin to hear his voice that I might be seeing something of a cookie-cutter program, which American Experience clearly is not. These fascinating tales reveal much about people and events that left their mark on the nation and even the world: Dinosaur Wars, Panama Canal—Gateway to the American Century, Triangle Fire.

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