Native Introduced Native and Introduced. The Plants Database includes the following 2 subspecies of Alternanthera paronychioides . Alternanthera is derived from the Latin alternis, alternately, and the Greek ανθος(anthos), a flower; bettzickiana was named for August Bettzick (1814-1865), a German gardener. Joseph’s coat plants (Alternanthera spp.) Plant Alternanthera dentata in positions that have a mix of sun and shade throughout the day for best results. The genus is largely restricted to the American tropics and its highest diversity occurs in South America, but many species also occur in the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico ( Sanchez del Pino et al., 2012 ). prostrate) habit and very similar flower clusters to khaki weed (Alternanthera pungens), but these species do not produce prickles.Bindy eyes (Soliva spp.) Synonyms : Alternanthera versicolor (Lem.) Description: A low growing perennial herb from the West Indies and Brazil with attractive burgundy leaves. Alternanthera moquinii grandiceps Suess. Pl. Alternanthera jacquini Standl. Common name: Ruby leaf alternanthera. These frost-tender perennials are grown as annuals and range in size from 2-inch dwarfs to 12-inch mounds of foliage. are popular for their colorful foliage that includes several shades of burgundy, red, orange, yellow and lime green.Some species have single-or bi-colored leaves, while others have the entire rainbow of color in a single plant. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. Grow as ground cover or as a low hedge where they work particularly well as an edge to pathways. II, 1987 Gomphrena sessilis L., Sp. Regel, Alternanthera amabilis Lem., Telanthera bettzickiana Regel; Common Name : Lal Mehndi, Red Calico Plant, Joyweed Nomenclature and Classification > Taxon Record Name > Scientific Name. Although most red aquarium plants are somewhat difficult to grow in an aquarium, Alternanthera reineckii is relatively easy. Botanic name: Alternanthera dentata. Common names - Joseph's coat, copperleaf, calico plant, bloodleaf, joyweed and parrot leaf - all in reference to the often brilliantly colored leaves which provide foliage contrast to gardens and container plantings.Best foliage colors are developed in full sun. Flora of Tamil Nadu, VOL. Alain. In winter the flowers appear in whitish to creamy clusters, surrounded by small bracts with finely lacerated tips. Common Name: Rosefolia 225. 1753. ... Common names are from state and federal lists. Alternanthera alligator weed This plant and the related entity italicized and indented above can be weedy or invasive according to the authoritative sources noted below.This plant may be known by one or more common names in different places, and some are listed above. Alternanthera reineckii offers a nice contrast to the mostly green plants in an aquarium. Lesser joyweed (Alternanthera denticulata), common joyweed (Alternanthera nodiflora) and hairy joyweed (Alternanthera nana) may have a creeping (i.e. Alternanthera is a diverse genus (80–200 species) and the second largest in the subfamily Gomphrenoideae of Amaranthaceae. With adequate light and fertilizer Alternanthera reineckii grows vigorously and with good color. Foliage: Greyish green, Heart shaped leaves, red stems, hairy fruits, 2.5 inch orange small flowers Flowers produce a lot of seeds which can stay dormant in the soil seed bank for a long time. Forms spreading foliage mounds to 12-30" tall. Very rare form that we call "Watermelon". Perfect colorful plant for small spaces and ground cover in both sun or shade locations, this rare variety has amazing colorful foliage with a combination of red, pink, orange, yellow and green! they can get a little straggly so a quick trim during summer once or twice will keep it neat. 6201 Alternanthera ficoidea Watermelon . Alternanthera jacquinii (Schrad.) ... Common Names: joy weed, Joseph's coat, ruby leaf, metal weed, parrot leaf.

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