How To Report Sales From Your Own Website to Soundscan. Sounds good, I’ll probably just subscribe to one of them. Do they back track with streams/sales? Some weeks a record could score No. Soundscan provides chart data for many of Billboard’s charts like Heatseeker Albums, Top Current Albums, Digital Albums, Independent Albums, and the Digital Tracks chart. *Mail order CDs/Vinyl shipped between Tuesday and the following Monday report for the sales week. There are a few exceptions below. Sales data is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) They are attached to the polywrap, so the store can scan the CD, but once it’s purchased, the bar code gets tossed away with the wrapping. RIAA Certification. According to the Uniform Code Council’s Web site, a bar code is “a precise arrangement of parallel lines (bars) and spaces that vary in width to represent data.” Specifically, they represent a unique 12-digit number, sometimes called a Universal Product Code number. If you don’t have a company handling physical distribution you can register your physical UPCs, “Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Soundscan And Why First Week Sales Matter”. Using a separate UPC for each configuration (digital, CD, vinyl) is helpful for tracking, but it’s not 100% necessary. 1 with only 150,000 album sales… * *Soundscan and BuzzAngle use custom formulas to calculate sales, streaming and radio play. It’s similar to box scores in sports and a key tool for scouts. The most interesting for developing artists is the “Breakthrough 25”. Thanks for listening! To qualify for SoundScan reporting, albums must be sold for a minimum of $3.49 USD, and digital tracks for a minimum of $0.39. So the album is always separate from the bundle in accounting (usually). There are just a lot of moving pieces to it and we want to make sure bands understand all that’s required before jumping in so there aren’t any surprises when Nielsen audits the reported pre-sales.” – atVenu, Here is a cool overview video of AtVenu’s complete merchandise app. International sales are counted based on the location of the purchaser. Collect Music Royalties – Part 1 – Interview with Paul Fischer, How To Promote Your Music On Instagram in 2020,,,,,, 35 Great Ways to Make Money With Your Music in 2020, Livestream Concerts Online and Coping with the Coronavirus Quarantine. However, if you didn’t put it this way when you set it up with your digital distributor, you should probably not put it like that on Neilsen. Thank you. Maceo Parker]. While your download sales numbers are automatically reported to SoundScan, unless your album is registered in their system, SoundScan will be unable to track your product. (charts update about 10 days after your release day) Ensure that you register your album with the UPC. How do I edit a music item? If you’re just selling CDs at your gigs and in little mom and pop stores, then you don’t need one. The artist cannot give the customer the album at the event prior to release date. Research firm says recording industry has halted the skid in U.S. album sales for the first time since 2004. Here is a handy Billboard Chart Legend XYZ Artist) feat. I’ll be teaching my fanbuilding and Spotify strategy inside Band Builder Academy starting in January 2020. SoundScan was created in May 1991 by Mike Shalett and Mike Fine and was released for albums every Sunday and singles every Monday. It is also used by music publishers, booking and promotion agencies, large management firms, radio promoters, and market research companies. Nielsen SoundScan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts. CANNIBAL CORPSE have sold more albums in the U.S. during the SoundScan era than any other death metal band, according to the figures obtained by BLABBERMOUTH.NET.. There is a small cost, but it’s very fair and only when you are on tour. Since it takes Nielsen a little longer to process and verify internet mailorder sales, those have a different reporting week schedule. * Country to register for: select * Format Type: select * Title * Artist: * Release Date: Label information as it applies to this product. Simply fill out some additional information about your project, such as the Release Date and Genre, and your information will be submitted directly to Nielsen SoundScan for processing. Thanks for the great article! – Be careful with this. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. RSS feed to keep updated ԝith immіnent post. Required fields are marked *. Tags: Posted in: News. Once you have completed the registration process, your information will be sent directly to Nielsen SoundScan for processing. You can sell and report a USB stick, because the songs come with it and it’s a purchased product, but you can’t report download cards, those must be reported via the fulfillment partner of those cards.” – atVenu. cheers, Use code FREESHIP4U at checkout. Soundscan also showed that being the No. So what is soundscan you ask? For Tour Merch Mgmt, Advanced Inventory, or MerchIQ Users, access the SoundScan Sales Submission page by clicking the SoundScan button from the top of any Counts or Settlement page: On the Sales Submission page, you'll see a status bar for each item which shows the current status: You should make sure to keep your metadata consistent across all platforms you register with. See more How do I check the status of sales submitted to SoundScan? But if you don’t have one, and have pressed your CDs or vinyl on your own, make sure to register your. There is also a way to collect pre-orders and submit them in the atVenu app, but there is a very specific process to follow. Decade-End Top Artists; Decade-End Top Artists - … Nielsen SoundScan will announce today (July 2) that it will begin compiling sales of permanent music downloads. Of course I didn’t see this until I did my third separate submission! Sales data from point-of-sale cash registers is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.), Your email address will not be published. What is Soundscan and Why Is It Important? The clarity in your publish is simply cool and i can ɑssume you’re an expert on this subject. sean says: June 11, 2019 at 6:14 am. Also the crowdfunding sites like IndieGoGo or Kickstarter might report to chart companies (I can’t confirm this though). Weekly data is compiled and made available every Wednesday. What specific music metrics does it track? This site uses cookies. Click here to go to the Transactional/Non Client Media Information Form. So nobody will be able to break out the CD sales from vinyl sales. En plus de faire un suivi de ce qui est radiodiffusé, diffusé en continu sur Internet et du comportement des consommateurs de musique, Nielsen est une autorité en matière de suivi de la musique achetée par les gens, tant en magasin qu’en ligne. It must be sold at the approved sale price, not given away. Sales are submitted daily or weekly and qualify for certain charts. How does one find out? As you've learned through this post, Symphonic Distribution is able to register your album and songs with SoundScan for you. Nielsen BDS information is utilized exclusively by Billboard, Airplay Monitor and Canadian Music Network magazines in determining their radio airplay music charts. All required fields (* indicates required fields) must be completed in order to complete the registration process with Nielsen SoundScan. Congratulations on your Heatseeker debut. I’ve also developed free software that taps into the Spotify API and it will be for members only. To qualify for SoundScan reporting, albums must be sold for a minimum of $3.49 USD, and digital tracks for a minimum of $0.39. Your email address will not be published. The Almighty Institute of Music Retail database allows you to quickly find the stores reporting music sales to Nielsen Soundscan, HITS, Street Pulse, No Depression, and CMJ. Artists such as Lil Wayne, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Coldplay and Flo Rida helped consumers make more decisions to buy music than ever for the fourth year in a row according to Nielsen SoundScan. To have UPCs merged email and List the UPCs by format, and request they be merged. Discuss: Nielsen SoundScan: Album sales inching up Sign in to comment. The SoundScan Registration Service can be purchased for only $9.99 during the album submission process. Gold: Certified 12/04/75 Notes: Alive! What is the right file to print onto cd units after o get the songs back from soundscan? So if it’s your physical distributor, online webstore, make sure you submit that vinyl UPC for vinyl sales. Will the information be lost if i change the dot file for printing on a cd? He still consults for record labels, but is actively blogging and working to educate new artists through and Heat On The Street. Official Albums Sales Chart Top 100 01 January 2021 - 07 January 2021 Click here to view the Biggest Albums of 2017. The mastering engineer can encode the ISRCs into the data on the master audio files. From 2013 to present, we use album sales … * Country to register for: select * Title * Artist: * Release Date: Label information as it applies to this track. I’ve never been a D2C reporter myself, so I don’t know the exact method, but I believe most D2C companies break apart their bundles for accounting reasons. Once a UPC is properly registered with Nielsen, then you’ll see a check mark in atVenu next to the UPC when saving it. By far the most informative I’ve read with everything compiled in one place. If you did not purchase your bar code from us, you can register your bar code directly through Nielsen SoundScan at: If you are releasing your project independently, we recommend entering “Independent” into the Label field and selecting the "Indie" option from the Distribution Company drop down menu. My question is, does Billboard let the artist know that they’ve been charted? Really appreciate the info – it was a big help! Visibility in the industry. The reason Sounscan is still relevant is it powers the album and single sales for Connect, and it has the historical records going back all the way to 1991. If you are not a subscriber to either Nielsen or Billboard, sometimes you can Google search your name, track name, and billboard chart name and see something in the search results. click the banner on the right side of the post (or bottom for those on mobile). ***For labels reporting venue sales, the reporting week will be Wednesday-Tuesday, unless they are utilizing the AtVenue app. Make sure it matches exactly the way you have it with your distributor. Established by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett in 1991, data is collected weekly and made available every Sunday (for albums sales) and every Monday (for songs sales) to subscribers, which include record companies, publishing firms, music retailers, independent promoters, film and TV companies, and artist managers. In the first week of June 1991, with SoundScan then operating in the majority of retail establishments, N.W.A. You can use a Direct to Fan / Direct to Consumer store or platform that already reports digital download sales to Nielsen. Continuing to use this site without changing your cookie settings means that you consent to those cookies to enhance Click here for more information on submitting your music to BDS visit their website. If you start off with a big first week (something that makes one of the Nielsen or Billboard charts), it’s easy to go back and get support from anybody that had reservations before. The list below do not print in Billboard and they are not called Billboard Charts. What Can Good First Week Sales Do For Your Band? The cost is out of reach for most individuals, bands, or small organizations. Actually, Connect powers the top charts for Billboard these days, such as the Billboard Top 200 (albums with streaming and track equivalents) and the Hot 100 (songs). How can I confirm my release has been registered with Nielsen SoundScan? We understand that Nielsen Soundscan’s genre list is limited and recommend selecting the “best fit” for your album from their list. You have two options. Fine together with your permission let me to grab your Always deliver high quality wav files to a CD manufacturer. Nielsen Connect is a new application that tracks “music consumption”. Thank You! It starts from when the submission is entered into their database. Once a title is submitted to SoundScan, it can take up to 10-15 business days for it to be entered into their system. If you’re supplying your own design, make sure you leave a 1.25" x .5" space where you want the bar code to appear and we’ll insert it for you. Thus, pre-release campaigns are MORE important that post-release campaigns. The album can’t be bundled with other products or tickets. Nielsen SoundScan is an information and sales tracking system created by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett in 1991. Album sales dropped a gaping 14 percent in 2008, according to figures shared by Nielsen Soundscan. Some charts include sales only. Soundscan DOES NOT TRACK STREAMS. There is a considerable cost and many procedures for opening an account with Nielsen. (feat. Soundscan was created in 1991 by Mike Fine and Mike Shalett. This fee covers costs associated with Symphonic registering your song within Nielsen's SoundScan platform. Register Album Titles First Section of Page. Ask your CD manufacturer to assign a UPC to your album. Northeast, Pacific), – measures the most song shares on Twitter (for artists that haven’t cracked the Top 100 of the Billboard Hot 100),, (measures only pure album sales with no track and streaming equivalents) This is what the Billboard 200 consumption chart replaced. I did see a gentleman above mention he was on Billboard Heatseekers and other charts. If it is shared, your account is shut down and you lose access. Glad this blog helped you make sense of it, and you’ll get it right on your next one. What is the chance that the album made the Billboard heatseekers Chart? Garth Brooks continues to be the best selling artist in the Nielsen SoundScan era with more than 68.5 million album sales; 6 million more album sales than The Beatles. Hi Seth, great question. Nielsen Soundscan is a music sales tracking tool that the music industry pays Nielsen for in order to measure weekly music sales in the United States and Canada. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For further questions visit the SoundScan website. provided KISS … The bigger the footprint, the bigger the audience. This helps track the various formats, so you (or label & distribution) can segment them and analyze them on the Soundscan or Nielsen Connect report. 's second album, "Efil4zaggin," confirmed this suspicion by debuting at No. A big showing first week provides momentum and buzz in the industry and with consumers. Nielsen SoundScan is the sales source for the Billboard music charts. When placed on a product, these bars can be scanned by lasers so that stores can digitally record what products they have sold. Can I submit sales to SoundScan for Collaboration Albums? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Included with your bar code purchase from Disc Makers is free registration with Nielsen SoundScan. Soundscan Album Sales, free soundscan album sales software downloads, Page 2. Nielsen SoundScan is an information system that tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. Ok so all my songs are masterd as .wav files. It is very difficult to jumpstart the project after it’s already been released. Usually companies operating outside of the USA will not haven an account. Can I submit Pre-Orders to SoundScan? Official Soundscan-era album sales grand totals (unfortunately not itemized) for Springsteen that have surfaced via Nielsen Soundscan to date: 15,616,000 (thru Dec 2005) 16,744,000 (thru Dec 2006) 18,209,000 (thru Dec 2007) 19,968,000 (thru Mar 2009) (Springsteen's pre-Soundscan (Jan 1, 1991) USA retail album sales were about 40 million) While your project is in production, we will send you an email to complete the registration process. The multiplying effect carries on throughout the album cycle and snowballs. Thank you for this article and everything you do to inform us artists. Please leave your comments below. It shouldn’t prevent you from having your release chart or be tracked in Soundscan. You can download your barcode by logging into your Disc Makers account, clicking the “View Project Details” link next to your project, and selecting the “Download Barcode” option. * *Soundscan and BuzzAngle use custom formulas to calculate sales, streaming and radio play. That’s fantastic. Nielsen SoundScan recently reported that record sales are up for the first time in my grown-up life, largely because of increased digital track and album sales (via NYT).I tried to find the actual report to see how classical sales fit into all of this, but haven’t had luck yet. (SoundScan Reporter) Doug Gledhill … If it follows other information use the brackets [ ] like this example : A Rockin’ Good Way (Hidden Track) [feat. Hope you’re well and thank you for the great info. Charts are a way for the industry to keep tabs on who’s who. Keep it consistent with what you put in distribution. Question:  You have to register your EP or Album as a physical album UPC with Nielsen before trying to use atVenu for venue sales, correct? A quick question in regards to mail order album sales. – Similar to the New Artist Chart above, but you have to have been tagged “alternative” by Nielsen’s chart polishers. 1 with only 150,000 album sales… When do online music sales through my website get reported to SoundScan? Weeks at no. In order to have a chance to make the charts you will need to register your UPC and ISRC codes. A couple ways you can ensure your pre-release sales count towards the charts. Soundscan Album Sales, free soundscan album sales freeware software downloads Yes, you can get a bar code with any CD or DVD order for only $20. When contacting Nielsen SoundScan, please be sure to include your full 12-digit barcode information. The charge to get set up with Nielsen is very expensive and annual. Over the past two decades, music industry leader Todd McCarty served as GM of rock/punk indie label Fearless Records, and SVP Sales at Sony Music USA. So Soundscan is a big factor in getting signed. It has since grown into the largest music sales source, fueling the Billboard charts and more, although it’s not used to issue RIAA sales certification plaques. Thanks for the question. Many CD manufacturers offer this service (usually for a reasonable fee). Fill out and include a Media Information Form. Reply. Want to register an album? I took your advice in this article and used it to the best of my abilities and woke up today to find my new album Zaragoza “Child of The Sun” on Billboards Pacific Heatseekers #5, Heatseekers albums #24 and Independent Albums #47. Send all mixes of your single releases (preferably on CD) to. 2003: 19.2 million (SoundScan monitored them only during the year’s second half) Track equivalent albums (where 10 track downloads equal one album + album sales) 2016: ~272.91 million 2015: 337.97 million 2014: 367.3 million 2013: 415.3 million 2012: 449.5 million 2011: 457.7 million 2010: 443.4 million 2009: 489.8 million 2008: 535.4 million While it’s nice to have new charts, I personally think it’s a missed opportunity to limit developing artists to 25. Can I submit sales to SoundScan for Collaboration Albums? So you lose Tuesday through Thursday of the 1st week situation. You can’t compile the data privately, outside the app, and then submit it a week before street date. Answer:   “Nielsen has very specific rules for pre-sales. ALBUMS, SONGS Please submit a separate registration for additional ISRCs. The following are the total sales figures for several of the genre's forerunners, ... *Believed to be the top-selling death album of all time, including pre-SoundScan sales. It’s meant more for medium to large retailers. ALIVE! Hey Tivon, CD Baby reports all CD sales to SoundScan on a weekly basis. If your D2C partner or fulfillment company do not already have an account open, you won’t get credit. Title Registration. The artist must collect the fan’s shipping information and mail them the album to be delivered no earlier than the release date. . Nielsen SoundScan is an information system that tracks sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. albums to go Gold. That’s it. Bandzoogle is a website creation platform for artists, and music sold through their platform reports to chart companies. The ‘21’ album accounted for 5.1% of all new release album sales during 2011. Continuing to use this site without changing your cookie settings means that you consent to those cookies to enhance But usually Nielsen & Bill charts are behind a paywall so you’ll need to subscribe, even if temporarily. Knowing which stores are reporters to Nielsen Soundscan and other charts can help you focus your retail marketing and promotion efforts to those stores where the sales will count towards a possible chart position. The information is intellectual property owned by Nielsen and each individual subscriber is not allowed to share with anybody. We are open and are now manufacturing face shields in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Comments: 26 One of the benefits of following a marketing strategy like the one outlined in Music Marketing Manifesto is that, if done right, you stand a very good chance of charting on key sales charts such as those in Billboard Magazine. Heads up – I don’t know if it’s a recent adjustment or not but on the title registration page you can actually add the UPCs all in one submission. should be lowercase and abbreviated. The fee for us to register your album is $5.99 per song submission. While your project is in production, we will send you an email to complete the registration process. more information here – They report sales to Nielsen Soundscan and BuzzAngle in the US. According to, METALLICA is the third-best-selling artist of the SoundScan era, with 54.26 million albums sold since 1991. If you don’t have a company handling physical distribution you can register your physical UPCs here. The form is in the PDF format. Sales data is collected weekly from over 14,000 retail, mass merchant and non-traditional (on-line stores, venues, etc.) US and Canadian digital music sales made through your Bandzoogle website are reported to SoundScan daily. Can I see all of my music sales by year or by tour? I hope this thread is till going. Nielsen doesn’t publish a cost for the service and costs depends on how large the organization is and how many users will have access. Nielsen has launched a new separate subscription tool called Nielsen Connect. Hey Todd Provide your CD manufacturer with the proper track names (spelled correctly) and an ISRC for each track. Disc Makers’ bar code stickers cost $50 per thousand, plus a fee to apply them to your CD. Nielsen has launched a new separate subscription tool called.