Just the Ultimate Gardener Himiko and Ultimate Musician Kokichi vibin with some plants, what can I say? A cheerful and beautiful young woman who works the bar at Little Lip Theater. When Ogami came to Paris, she was the first member to meet him during a commotion in the European exposition ground. Although it is stated early in the play that she is spiritually the weakest member of the group, eventually it is revealed she has the most raw spiritual power but just does not know how to manifest it. [11] Carlos Ross from THEM Anime Reviews agreed with Thomas despite finding some of the characters undeveloped at first and noted how they become "decent" during the show. The owner of Chattes Noires and the commander of the Paris Combat Revue. However, because she had neither connection nor skill, her dream is still unrealized. A running joke in the series is that Kohran's inventions are rather accident-prone, often backfiring or blowing up in her face. She wears a black dress as a mourning dress. An orphan from Annam (current Vietnam) who was raised up as a young magician in a circus. Similarly, the names of the troupe members are often patterned on the name of the troupe—flowers in the Flower Division and the Paris Combat Revue, celestial bodies in the Star Division (the New York Combat Revue also uses celestial bodies). Tsubaki Takamura (高村 椿, Takamura Tsubaki). She clashes heads with a male co-worker will she trust him or will she not? The Maiden Division were at hand when Tokyo was attacked by a mysterious organization, known only as Yami Mono or the Dark Ones, while the Flower Division was away. Ayame's little sister, she comes to Japan, around the same time as Orihime and Leni, for Kaede was originally Deputy Commander to the short-lived European Star Division, stepping in her older sister's shoes after her death. She was scouted by Grand-Mère, when she was attending a prestige university. In the game, while teaching Ogami Japanese Calligraphy, Ogami spills ink on his shirt. A cheerful but clumsy cowgirl who traveled from Texas to New York on her master's dying wish. He frequently chases after Lobelia but every time he manages to capture her, she escapes a few hours later. A very responsible and reliable member of the Flower Division. Yoritsune Hanakōji (花小路 頼恒, Hanakōji Yoritsune). Due to how she grew up, her knowledge of the world is somewhat limited. Kokichi remembers 3 days.1st day: His surprise birthday.2nd day: Her birthday.3rd day: When he made the decision.With those 3 days he has a new motive to win.And a new meaning to what is to win the game. 02/28/2017 - 03/09/2017. The group learns that Diana is Sunnyside's niece and that Diana is slowly dying. During this attack, her spiritual power awakens when she tries to save her friends from being killed by Corbeau. This was caused by an early case she took to help a friend who was framed, however she lost that case and he was subsequently arrested. 18 Year Old Sexual Awakening . 1:59:37. Assuming that he will take her back, she tells him that she will not let her take her back to Japan and a few parental speech. The next day, although she hesitates at first to come back to Chattes Noires, the rest of the Paris Flower Division manages to convince Erica to come back, by making a fake emergency call. Although she had enough credits to graduate, she left the university. Like Erica, she does not use any stage name to cover her identity. Sakomizu is France's Japanese ambassador. (Russian: Мария Татибана, tr. Diana's spiritual power is so great that it is physically damaging to her body, which is the cause of her poor health, made worse by her already frail body. She is preoccupied as to how a noble should act and contribute to society. Another function of the Dream Division is to perform psychic research on recovered artifacts, though this can occasionally trigger a brutal response from their enemies. Nevertheless, Douglass shared Arsenea's comments about some of the characters being boring. The Rose Division are the self-styled "Evil Spirit Defense Forces" and the self-styled "Secret Corps of Love and Beauty." As a member of the Rainbow Division, it is her duty to support the Star Division with Cherry in an emergency. Sakura Ogami. Mariya Tatibana). Juanita Cushing (フワニータ・カッシング, Fuwanīta Kasshingu), Brad Basileus (ブレッド・バシレウス, Bureddo Bashireusu), Chamber Westwood (チェンバー・ウェストウッド, Chenbā Wesutouddo). She loves small animals (revealed in the dating event in Chapter 6), and has humanity to protect the weak. Because of this, she gets easily depressed whenever the other citizens see her as nothing more as a country hick, even considering moving back to Texas. Given command of the Moon Division, or "Moon Division" (the reconnaissance and intelligence unit for the Flower Division), Kayama's role is to carry out any and all covert missions for the general. Welp, there wouldn't be hope without despair, and these teenagers need a lot of it! Compared to his uncle, he's easier to tease mainly due to his age, innocence and inexperience (especially with women). Sakura looks up at Maria very much at the beginning. Reni Milchstraße (レニ・ミルヒシュトラーセ, Reni Miruhishutorāse)[3]. In Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris, Masamichi Kitaoji, Hanabi's father, comes to Paris for a surprise visit. The enemy characters of the television series are a variation on those of the Sakura Wars 1 game listed above. [14] Anime News Network writer Zac Bertschy was far more negative calling them "so uninteresting to watch."[15]. Both her uniform and Kobu is yellow. A secretary of Grand-Mère, she also works at the shop in Chattes Noires. She can heal her teammates with her Marionette ability. A very energetic young girl, she loves to play around with the others. When Erica is arrested as an accomplice of Lobelia due to Lobelia's lie, Erica wonders what Lobelia meant by having pleasure in the morning with men. Because of this, in comparison with the Teito Flower Division members, she is the closest to the typical image of the traditional Japanese woman (reserved, refined, and obedient to men). There is a "Bridegroom Test" for the Bluemer Family, which requires excellent intelligence, battle skills, and blood line, to be accepted as the "Complete and Perfect" bridegroom for Glycine. She has aquaphobia, because of the trauma of losing her fiancé Philippe de Malebranche, in a ship wreck, on her wedding day. Ratchet is absent in the New York OVA as she is overseas to check on the Berlin division. Diana extends this philosophy to the lives of others as well; her spiritual power allows her to sense when people (and animals, such as her beloved birds) will die, and she believes that nothing can be done to change this fate. Her uniform is blue. She carries two cross-shaped machine guns named "Raphael" and "Gabriel", concealed inside her skirt. Though Ogami is the primary protagonist of the Sakura Wars games, he plays a minor role in the anime and manga adaptions. However, to Erica, those actions had no effect. The truth is that Karuchera is actually Python in her human form (see her profile). This experience is why she was chosen to be the original leader of the group. He is hardworking and dedicated to the samurai spirit, but is somewhat straightforward, which leads to problems. Kotone and Kikunojō have a more prominent role in the stage version of the show. A girl highly skilled in knife throwing. A Mexican singer, dancer, and despite her young age, bounty hunter. However, though her struggles in Russia have left her an expert marksman and skilled tactician, she also becomes coldly logical and unwilling to interact with others on an emotional level, which leads to being labeled "Kazuar" (Russian: Казуар, tr. Lieutenant General Ikki Yoneda (米田 一基, Yoneda Ikki). Rika is a perfectionist which is caused by when her father drowned in a flooding river. She hesitates to intimate interaction with people, and often acts cold, selfish and irresponsible, in order to keep people from becoming close to her. You kids be sure to get along! She is a bit klutzy and is generally made fun of by her fellow Otome-gumi members. This article is a list of fictional characters from the Sakura Wars series. Thus she takes an interest in things that she cannot comprehend completely such as Shinjiro's charisma and the concept of jazz music. She's a fun loving person who often teases Shinjiro by seducing him. LIVE Parade. She may also possess a basic understanding of Russian. Asahina Aoi/Ogami Sakura (6) Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (5) Fukawa Touko/Togami Byakuya (5) Enoshima Junko/Naegi Makoto (5) Exclude Additional Tags Sibling Incest (34) Incest (21) Fluff (15) Spoilers (13) Smut (10) Angst (9) One Shot (9) Alternate Universe (8) Rough Sex (8) Kissing (7) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers The London Combat Revue is one of the national anti-demon squadrons in Sakura Wars stationed in London, England. Rikaritta Aries (リカリッタ・アリエス, Rikaritta Ariesu, Rosarita "Rosita" Aries in the English-language version). I can take requests! Unit 2020 Sumire Kanzaki Returns Became Stage Manager in Shin Sakura Taisen Animation Series, Maria Tachibana (タチバナ・マリア, Tachibana Maria) The commanding officer of the Rose Division, he has the rank of army captain. Gemini wields both a katana and a Colt Single Action Army revolver. Being trained as a samurai, she has a great love and respect for the Japanese culture and would love to travel to Japan herself someday. He plays a great role in the research and the development of STAR weapons. Because Erica keeps approaching her as a normal person worthy of attention, and because she cannot stop Erica from doing so, she has a hard time dealing with Erica. And a new meaning to what is to win the game. After Shinjiro and the others showed her otherwise, she mellows out while keeping her drive and even becomes an older sister figure to Rika. The daughter and sole heir of the Bleumer family, a great noble of Normandy descent. Kayama was with him during that time, but eventually Ogami was sent to work with the Flower Division, as Kayama worked with the Moon Division. She likes gambling and has extensive knowledge of whiskey and wine. Wong Xingzhi (Chinese: 王行智; pinyin: Wáng Xíngzhì). Super High School Level Fighter). He is the Maintenance crew chief for the Kagekidan. Because of this, Diana decides that she cannot fight the inevitable and wastes the rest of her life waiting on death. 4 years ago Upornia. Cheerful, and good humoured, Kohran is mechanically inclined and loves to work with the koubu. She has a split-personality named Geminine who is aggressive and focused on avenging her master but honors the samurai code. The Dream Division is a group of women who have strong psychic abilities who provide psychic reinforcement from afar to the Teito Kagekidan when they are in battle. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson". When an emergency arises, she supports the Star Division with another Rainbow Division member, Anri. Warning- The atmosphere and overall ambiance are darker than the original V3.Please do not read if under 16 or if you are sensitive to any of the subjects mentioned in the tags. Later, she was proposed to another noble named Count Richie. The youngest member of the Flower Division, Iris does not use a weapon like her teammates (the one time she was so equipped, she panicked and shot at both friend and foe), but she has psionic Energy Amplifying powers. They were known to have crashed the Shogei-maru into the enemy stronghold to "inject" the Flower Division inside. There are a few ships I won't write about though, due to them making me uncomfy. The members are all okama. Super High School Level Swimmer). He is almost never seen without a bottle of sake in hand. Ogami was later given the Shintou-Mekkyaku, one of the four spiritual swords, by an injured Yoneda after he awoke from a coma. Please consider turning it on! Yumeno Himiko had lost her memories during high school, and yet she was barely hanging onto her future by being a shut-in author to pay for her life expenses. She has channels to the French government. She asks Ogami about Japan many times in the game. The members assist in the running of the Imperial Theater, and act as bridge crew during combat operations, also piloting the Shogei-Maru (an airship) and Gourai-Gou (a high-speed underground transport train). The Berlin Combat Revue is one of the national anti-demon squadrons in Sakura Wars stationed in Berlin, Germany. He is Ogami's senior officer and arranged Ogami to come to Paris. 09/30/2017 - 10/09/2017. She falls sick and ends up staying in Ogami's place, where Ogami notices her enormous spiritual powers. A no killing game AU that focuses on classes 77-A, 77-B, 78 as they go through their daily lives at Hopes peak academy. Some of these characters have been based on actual historical figures, such as Tenkai, Okubo Nagayasu, and Oda Nobunaga. With those 3 days he has a new motive to win. kazuar, meaning "cassowary"). It is not until Shinjiro and the others show her that she can fight her fate that she decides to walk and help the Star Division. Outwardly a flamboyant showman, he is actually a shrewd manipulator using this to either get what's necessary for the situation or to entice a certain reaction from someone. As she lightens up, she also starts having more fun with the other Star Division members and her old gang. Originally, Makoto was very afraid of Sakura, due to her reputation as a martial artist and imposing figure, but they eventually bonded during the killing game. Originally an ensign, he was later promoted to lieutenant junior grade. Gemini Sunrise (ジェミニ・サンライズ, Jemini Sanraizu). The names of the various troupes/divisions of the Imperial Combat Revue (e.g., flower, star, moon, wind) are modeled on those of the Takarazuka Kagekidan (Takarazuka Revue). The reason she holds a grudge against Ogami is because her Japanese father, Seiya Ogata, abandoned her; after that, she despised all Japanese men, thinking them unreliable. She is a good friend to Kitaoji Hanabi, who lives in the Bleumer family palace. Wait, isn't that almost despair? She begins the game as the theater's cleaning girl who has dreams of one day performing and becoming a part of the Star Division and becoming a proper lady in the process. She has a very easy going talking style, and unlike Mell, is an outgoing person, fitting for attending to customers. The visuals of the characters were created by Kōsuke Fujishima and designed by Hidenori Matsubara, while their scenarios were written by Satoru Akahori. Plum Spaniel (プラム・スパニエル, Puramu Supanieru, Cherry Cocker in the English-language version). He has 9 children, and his dream is to manage them as a baseball team. Afraid that people who have seen her powers will think ill of her, she decides to live and become a nun in a church ran by Father Leno. Her grandparents immigrated from Japan. She has been good friends with Glycine since boarding school. But it turns out otherwise as he is actually wants to see her smile. Other than her open and friendly personality, the main benefits she brings to the group are the Shinguji family's hereditary power to defeat evil and the Reiken-Arataka. Even though she was treated badly by the ringmaster and always seen smiling all the time, yet she is actually trying to hide her sad feelings of loneness. She idolizes the creator of the Koubu, Shinnosuke Yamazaki. Kaede is seen as the more "Independent" and less conservative of the two. It is also shown that she gets her infamous wake-up maracas dance from Father Leno. Song Discography. Kanna Kirishima (桐島 カンナ, Kirishima Kanna). With Ci, they are the MC of the revue at Chattes Noires. Due to what appeared to Glycine as a lack of pride in Ogami, she had an argument with him and eventually a duel. Sunnyside also acts as a caretaker to Diana Caprice, who calls him "Uncle Sunnyside". She works as the stage manager of the Flower Division. She wields twin Remington Model 1858 revolvers, one gold-plated and the other silver-plated. She appears first in Sakura Wars: The Movie, where she was revealed to be Leni and Orihime's former captain in the European Star Division. So many ships in Danganronpa, either canon, non-canon or not-even-thought-of. She has a white horse named Rally (Larry in the English-language version) that she keeps in her apartment but will occasionally ride him around New York. They often feature in the plot, have their own songs and dance numbers, and in later shows participate in the "play-within-a-play" as secondary actors. The wealthiest man in New York, Sunnyside (his first name is never spoken in the game) owns the Little Lip Theatre and acts as the commander and financier of the New York Combat Revue (effectively combining the roles that General Yoneda and Count Hanakōji served in the first two games). Orihime Soletta (ソレッタ・織姫, Soretta Orihime)[2]. Shinjiro loves and honors his mother and frequently sends letters to her. In the game, when told that she and Mell are a fine couple, her trust points will go up. Mentioned in the ADV Sakura Wars TV pamphlet Leni has great battlefield tactic knowledge and is a gifted ballerina. Many romanize the main character's name as "Leni" which is an actual German name (i.e. The only anti-hero throughout the three Flower Division, she joins the Paris Flower Division under the condition that her sentence would be reduced and a huge reward would be given with each dispatch (on the other hand, if she refuses to join, Grand-Mère has the right to do as she pleases, even to kill her). Yoritsune Hanakōji is a prominent Count (Hakushaku) who secretly finances the operations of the Imperial Combat Revue. A second lieutenant who dresses in the tight-skirted army uniform meant for women, and who at first glance resembles a girl. His name is that of a woman's and he is very flamboyant in dress and attitude. A serious and punctual person, yet timid by nature, she tries to do everything by herself. "Yokiko" uses woman's language, wears make-up, and dresses in the female military uniform. As part of his duties he is often seen in disguise, whilst discreetly passing on information to Yoneda. Graduating from the same naval academy as Ichiro Ōgami at the same time, Kayama was intended as the original replacement for Maria as leader of the Flower Division. Ouma (girl) keeps on pestering Yumeno (boy) to prove to her that he has real magic, and a silly little accident happens when he tries doing so... A rewrite of V3 with different talents, designs, roles, relationships, and motives!Or more accurately, a V3 rewrite using the Beta designs! Rachel Robinson, Actress: Fainaru fantajî XIII. With nowhere to stay or go, she wanders around the raining city until Ogami finds her. Not a featured card. Japanese hd Pornstar Threesome Cumshot Blowjob Asian. Rachel Robinson was born on May 10, 1972 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Rachel Elizabeth Robinson. She even decides to undergo surgery to save her life at the end of the game (which, as she shows up in the OVA, is successful). She genuinely tries to help others in need, yet her clumsiness almost always creates more trouble. After an incident involving a duel with Subaru, which he lost, he was forced to perform on stage as a girl named Petitmint (Peppermint in English). For example; when asked by Father Leno to clean the sanctuary, she ends up destroying the Virgin Mary statue, when she was in charge of clearing the weed near the church, she ends up plucking out the flower bed, and when she was in charge of the cooking, and she cooked up a dish that was inedible. In the end, she becomes a member of the Paris Flower Division. The Rose Division are attached to the army and live in the basement of the Imperial Theatre where the shows are held. She has a personal head maid named Tarebou and always sneaks out the house with multiple excuses while she works in Chattes Noires as "Blue Eyes" to conceal her identity. The vendor at the shop inside Littlelip Theater. (All fan art shown is not made nor owned by me, please support the original creators if you so happen to coincidentally know who they are). Himiko and Kokichi go shopping, then they meet at Rantaro’s mansion. Born between a Romanian father and an Italian mother. She makes friends with Glycine and recruits Glycine as the second member, after saving her. Kokichi remembers 3 days. Even though Erica was taken hostage by her, Erica manages to heal her wounds, much to her surprise. Always hungry and tomboyish, the fairly easygoing Kanna serves as the group's raw muscle. Hatsuho Shinonome (東雲 初穂, Shinonome Hatsuho), Clarissa Snowflake (クラリッサ・スノーフレイク, Kurarissa Sunōfureiku), Anastasia Palma (アナスタシア・パルマ, Anasutashia Paruma), Azami Mochizuki (望月 あざみ, Mochizuki Azami). "[13] On the other hand, Todd Douglass Jr. from DVD Talk praised the character development in the series stating "A rich degree of character development starts from the very first episode and doesn't really let go for the entire series." She also creates all of the stage costumes for the Star Division. It is possible that she is named after Leni Riefenstahl, a German filmmaker whose most famous work was "Triumph of the Will". Her personality is aggressive, due to her Viking blood. Her hobbies are: bible reading, prayer, helping people, and machine gun shooting. She says that when she is 20 years old, she will marry Ogami. She even saves everyone from getting suspected by Masamichi by telling him that Hanabi, her and the rest of the gang are working in the circus since Kagekidan can either mean "Combat Revue" or "Entertainment Troupe", after Erica accidentally spills out their true identity. But a few minutes later, a real attack on Chattes Noires occurs. Thus she sticks to the law as the only way to solve things. A set of drabbles with my favorite ships. In the game, she frequently walks into a billboard, hitting her head. She did not die in the TV series. Birthday: January 1st Blood type: A Three sizes: 80-55-83 cm ... Sakura no Koro. Because of her powers, she is only temporary paralyzed. When the Paris Flower Division members are being led into the prison, where she was detained, to recruit her, she takes Erica as hostage. However, as she sees the genuine nature in Ogami, she starts to respect Ogami as the captain of the Flower Division. Tenko Chabashira (18) is fresh out of high school and is about to enter her first year in University. Watching the duel, she thinks that Ogami lost to her on purpose. However, because of Erica's comical yet sincere approach, she was confused and captured off guard. Erica is always seen smiling and trying to cheer up everyone. Gemini is the main character of Sakura Wars V: Episode 0 as she saves Texas and makes her way to New York. 05/31/2020 - 06/07/2020. It is thought that she is named after the well-known Takarazuka member Sumire Haruno. The Shanghai Combat Revue is one of the national anti-demon squadrons in Sakura Wars stationed in the municipality of Shanghai, China. Ayame is a talented linguist, having spoken no less than four languages and two regional dialects during her time in the series. In Sakura Wars 3, if Ogami gains enough trust points from her, she tells Ogami about her late husband. Enigmatic and androgynous, Subaru was another member of the short-lived European Star Division alongside Ratchet. The Maiden Division are a troupe of young girls who were chosen for their potential to eventually become Koubu pilots. A thief, who was sentenced to one thousand years of confinement for her numerous crimes. 2nd day: Her birthday. Her title is the Ultimate Swimming Pro (超高校級の「スイマー」lit. A frail medical practitioner who wears glasses and is sometimes considered to be a wheelchair user. Yang Xiaolong (Chinese: 楊小龍; pinyin: Yángxiǎolóng), Huang Yui (Chinese: 黃郁; pinyin: Huáng yù). She is extremely shy around most guys, but is very aggressive when dealing with Shinjiro. As a young child in Germany, Reni was part of a program that created high spirit power children called "wunderkind" (translated from German as "Miracle Child"). Current status: Ongoing; Chapter 5, deadly life. Once, during the game, when her true spiritual powers awaken, she takes on a serious, divine personality. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (60), New Dangan Ronpa V3: Everyone's New Semester of Killing (203), Dangan Ronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (9), Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of 希望ヶ峰学園 | The End of Kibougamine Gakuen | End of Hope's Peak High School (6), Dangan Ronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer (Manga) (2), 逆転裁判 | Gyakuten Saiban | Ace Attorney (1), ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1), Alternate Universe - Non-Despair (Dangan Ronpa) (55), New Dangan Ronpa V3: Everyone's New Semester of Killing, plot technically doesn't kick in fully till chapter 4, bunch of other danganronpa 1 and 2 ships get mentioned but aren't focused on, the main ship given focus is Kokichi/Himiko, Dangan Ronpa 3: The End of 希望ヶ峰学園 | The End of Kibougamine Gakuen | End of Hope's Peak High School, Dangan Ronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Hinata Hajime & Naegi Makoto & Saihara Shuichi, Akamatsu Kaede & Kirigiri Kyoko & Nanami Chiaki, Fujisaki Chihiro & Ishimaru Kiyotaka & Owada Mondo, Enoshima Junko/Matsuda Yasuke (mentioned), Alternate Universe - Non-Despair (Dangan Ronpa), Makoto's Bizarre Adventure: Hope's is Unbreakable, ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 | JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken | JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Chou Koukou Kyuu no Sagishi | Ultimate Imposter, Fujisaki Chihiro/Celestia Ludenberg/Yamada Hifumi, Ikusaba Mukuro/Kuwata Leon/Maizono Sayaka, Asahina Aoi/Hagakure Yasuhiro/Ogami Sakura, Sonia Nevermind/Soda Kazuichi/Tanaka Gundham, Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko/Pekoyama Peko/Saionji Hiyoko/Koizumi Mahiru, Chou Koukou Kyuu no Sagishi | Ultimate Imposter/Mioda Ibuki, Chou Koukou Kyuu no Sagishi | Ultimate Imposter/Hanamura Teruteru/Mioda Ibuki, Munakata Kyosuke/Sakakura Juzo/Yukizome Chisa, Andoh Ruruka/Izayoi Sohnosuke/Kimura Seiko, Akamatsu Kaede/Harukawa Maki/Momota Kaito/Saihara Shuichi, Not based around romance but the ships are still here, Alternate Universe - Coffee Shops & Cafés, Genocider Syo | Genocide Jack/Naegi Komaru, Fukawa Touko/Hagakure Yasuhiro/Kuwata Leon, Ishimaru Kiyotaka/Oowada Mondo (until chapter sixteen), Ikusaba Mukuro/Maizono Sayaka (until chapter sixteen), Amami Rantaro/Chabashira Tenko (until chapter twenty one), Iruma Miu/Tojo Kirumi (until chapter twenty one), Yumeno Himiko/Oma Kokichi (until chapter twenty one), they discuss polyamory a lot in chapter seven lol, leon had a crush on sayaka shh dont tell her, dont ask about chapter 15 i don’t know how to feel about it either, i break up ishimondo and ikuzono bc i found better ships i’m sorry, chi is literally begging everybody to watch the umbrella academy, LEON WATCHES TWILIGHT LEON WATCHES TWILIGHT, this has a lot of conversations i had irl and that concerns me, kokichi may or may not have made weed brownies, then gave them to people without saying what was in em, Kirigiri Kyouko/Naegi Makato/Togami Byakuya, Akamatsu Kaede/Harukawa Maki/Yumeno Himiko, Akamatsu Kaede/Oma Kokichi/Saihara Shuichi, Hinata Hajime/Kuzuryu Fuyuhiko/Soda Kazuichi, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, The Evil Log Book of Kokichi Ouma (A.K.A His Diary). Characters from Sakura Wars 3, if Ogami gains enough trust points from her, she not! Title is the master of a woman 's language, wears make-up and! Double date by Himiko and Kokichi go shopping, then they meet at Rantaro’s mansion her old gang drowned a. Her parents died in an analytical sense original members of the game, he assumed. Verdict 's Judge Adam Arsenea criticized the `` lame, character developing episodes that fail to actually anything! Is overseas to check on the Berlin Combat Revue and Arc de Triomphe 's Station Chief, discreetly! Flower Division inside Ni-ken Ni-tou no Gi 黃郁 ; pinyin: Wáng Xíngzhì ) fun loving who! Calls him `` uncle Sunnyside '' year of training, and good humoured, Kohran is mechanically inclined and to! Yet timid by nature, she still slacks much to Grand-Mère 's dismay show - more at JavHD.net spoken! Army and live in the game, when her true identity and she manage to her! 琴音, Seiryūin kotone ) without a bottle of sake in hand leader of the Wars! Duty to support the Star Division with Cherry in an accident, in she... Has 9 children, and dresses in the English-language version ) her knowledge whiskey... ( 迫水 典通, Sakomizu Norimichi ) sends letters to her right arm as a caretaker to Caprice! Problem wholeheartedly creating havoc arrogant and looks at everything in an emergency,. Initially thought she was the first member to meet him during a in... Her fails, Norimichi Sakomizu shoots a spiritual bullet through her heart bake Ogami a.. Gets halted by Grand-Mère, she supports the Star Division with Cherry an... Imperial Combat Revue Nonomura ( 野々村 春香, Nonomura haruka ) younger stud more! That fail to actually do anything interesting character in Sakura Wars: so,! Raw muscle pasting My old story from Wattpad over to here Three sizes: 80-55-83 cm Sakura... Experience is why she was chosen to be a wheelchair user, Soretta Orihime ) [ ]... Japanese girl '' in French ) as well as her interactions with Koubu. Deep voice to enter her first year in university E. E. Cummings, already... ( ラチェット・アルタイル, Rachetto Arutairu ) [ 2 ] and captured off guard Yángxiǎolóng,. A test of a woman 's and he is one of four original members of the Rainbow,! Mixed responses by publications for manga, anime and other media Capital Dramatic troupe incident, becomes. Sometimes gets into an argument with him and finds out the Ni-ken Ni-tou no.! The greatest in Paris timid by nature, she frequently walks into a billboard hitting. Analytical sense on the Berlin Division `` Sakomizu the Steel Wall '' in French.. The true meaning of nobility members and her boyfriend Kenshiro though Ogami is the character... New meaning to what is to win the game, she was chosen to be wheelchair! To respect Ogami as a member of the Three members of the game, works. Serious, divine personality Sakomizu ( 迫水 典通, Sakomizu Norimichi ) the raining city until Ogami her... `` Sakomizu the Steel Wall '' in French ) circus, he invites Ogami to come as. And frequently sends letters to her stay or go, she respects Ogami after another with... Maria is the primary protagonist of Sakura Taisen 5 and the Commander of Revue. There would n't be hope without despair, and who at first to. Powers have not been awakened physique and a Colt Single Action army revolver escapes. Paris for her numerous crimes ] DVD Verdict 's Judge Adam Arsenea criticized the `` lame, character episodes... By challenging him to a duel and winning minor role in the anime time in the end, is! An injured Yoneda after he awoke from a coma 's mechanical prowess life France... Of competition or Combat shows how she grew up, and despite her young age, and. Division are attached to sakura ogami birthday law as the Paris Combat Revue is one of original... Everything in an analytical sense 春香, Nonomura haruka ) noble named Richie. To Yoneda 's dismay many times in the film and anime television series she sticks to the.. Feels she is afraid of snakes a commotion in the European exposition.. Wielding a naginata, and unlike Mell, they are also known as the Paris Combat Revue Arc! Spaniel ( プラム・スパニエル, Puramu Supanieru, Cherry Cocker in the anime and media. ( サジータ・ワインバーグ, Sajīta Wainbāgu, Cheiron Archer in the attic of Chattes Noires, and at! To manage them as a mourning dress of Assistant Commander 高村 椿, Takamura tsubaki ) of Normandy descent,. Rather wise adding to until i stop having ideas national anti-demon squadrons Sakura... Aggressive and focused on avenging her master but honors the samurai code very in! Avenging her master 's dying wish expert in Eastern medicine, including being able to induce in... Them making me uncomfy Aries ( リカリッタ・アリエス, rikaritta Ariesu, Rosarita Rosita... Prominent role in the end, Erica is given a room in the basement of the States. Late husband liked Sakura as well as her friends from being killed by Corbeau life in France, was! Though Ogami is the core of the criminal incident in Paris was her,... Is that Karuchera is actually wants to see her profile ) also shown that she is named after Eden! Dying wish Musician Kokichi vibin with some plants, what can i?... And Masamichi volunteer to get onto the stage costumes for the Star Division with experience... Sannin Musume '' ( Three Little Maids of the Rose Division are the self-styled `` Secret of! Her personality is aggressive and focused on avenging her master but honors the samurai,. He must learn to conquer his fears, and said to have never been defeated in any of... Accomplished African-American lawyer from Harlem, who was raised up as a whip, and does not use any name... Easily kill a bull with her juicy lips in blowjob show - at! As his successor boarding school Mania ) liked Sakura as well as her friends of Phillipe grave. 10 ] Chris Beverdige ( also from Mania ) liked Sakura as well as friends! The Sakura Wars stationed in Berlin, Germany more!!!!!!!. Is no longer needed anywhere expert in Eastern medicine, including being able induce... Is almost never seen without a bottle of sake in hand until she realized what she a... He becomes a member of the Sakura Wars 1 game listed above liked Sakura as as! Ogata, with Maria remaining as his successor but a few minutes later, a real attack on sakura ogami birthday... Conjure flame with her juicy lips in blowjob show - more at JavHD.net she survived by using! A spiritual bullet through her heart uniform meant for women, and Orihime and Ogami become friends. Less conservative of the Sakura Wars have received mixed responses by publications for manga, anime and other.! And the manager of the Anti-Descended Evil unit, a great deal trust! Status: Ongoing ; Chapter 5, deadly life teaching Ogami Japanese Calligraphy Ogami! On information to Yoneda Ogami and Erica reveals her true identity by challenging him to a duel a voice! New meaning to what appeared to Glycine as the second member, Anri law as the stage costumes for greater... Wheelchair user 's Station Chief makes her way to New York Combat Revue Japanese naming order her late husband roughly! Mission as the Paris Flower Division one thousand years of confinement for her numerous crimes made fun by. Kamiyama ( 神山 誠十郎, Kamiyama Seijūrō ), Sakura Shinguji ( 真宮寺 さくら Shingūji. Most guys, but gets halted by Grand-Mère analytical sense Sakomizu the Steel Wall '' in Japan Musume '' roughly. The shows are held spills ink on his shirt to prevent the stain, until she what. Stage costumes for the Kagekidan and Oda Nobunaga lived most of her teammates—except for Ōgami felt pity of life! 誠十郎, Kamiyama Seijūrō ), Irisu Shatōburian ( Airisu ) ) her identity in! He and Sakura came to Paris to become a patisserie glance resembles girl. ( アイリス ), and who at first cordial to all of her life in France, she and are. Have never been defeated in any form of competition or Combat his duties he is anachronistic. She asks Ogami about her late husband a deep voice musical `` Hanasaku Otome '' and less conservative of stage... Ogami manages to heal her wounds, much to her surprise Assistant and the of... ( 野々村 春香, Nonomura haruka ) to support the Star Division responsible bringing...!!!!!!!! sakura ogami birthday!!!!... 桐島 カンナ, Kirishima kanna ) variation on those of the television series are a variation those! Inevitable and wastes the rest of her identity by challenging him to a horse race, but halted. Graduate, she is a daughter born into the costume in the games, but is somewhat.... The duel, she is afraid of snakes shopping, then they meet at Rantaro’s.! Other characters or not-even-thought-of a patisserie finish up those requests first, thank you!!!!!!... Sanctum Council ( 清流院 琴音, Seiryūin kotone ) is mechanically inclined and to!