This prevents the build-up of limescale and dissolves existing deposits while also retaining healthy minerals in the water supply. Best Alternative: Iron Pro 48K Combination Water Softener & Iron Filter. Our water softener alternative is certified by the WQA and the NSF/ANSI. Questions? Reverse osmosis is a great way to get pristine, filtered water in your kitchen. Soft water also extends the lifetime of plumbing by reducing or eliminating scale build-up in pipes and fittings. Unfortunately, while these systems might seem incredibly promising at first, there’s actually very little data that suggests they’re effective. How Does a Water Softener Work? Using a filter or other device to remove any iron before it passes through the medium is advisable for the best possible result. Models can vary in how effective they are based on these factors, which may make them seem like they are not nearly as efficient as traditional water softeners are. They do not treat water in the conventional sense, as they do not add anything or remove anything from your water supply. But, instead of using sodium in your water softener, you could buy potassium chloride. According to the same report from theUniversity of Minnesota Water Resource Center we mentioned earlier, template assisted crystallization is as inexpensive as both electromagnetic and citric acid water softeners except it actually “prevents up to 90% scale build-up”. The treatment medium that is chosen will actually soften the water. Reverse osmosis is not a speedy process and can take some time to work. Water has to be in contact with the magnetic area in order to be softened. There are no extra systems that need to be installed to treat your drinking water. That still beats buying those 40lb bags of salt every other week, which will definitely cost more in the long run. It might be tempting to purchase one of these systems because of the low price point. Your household appliances and clothes will last a lot longer and your soap and shampoo will be more effective when used for cleaning. Apec water softener alternative is a great item which is made in the USA. Furthermore, you're probably getting tired of lugging around those 40lb bags of salt every few weeks or so. Another alternative to salt for water softeners is potassium chloride, it works for the same water softeners that salt does. Fun fact: iPhones and Androids already work as EMF detectors. This is an incredibly environmentally friendly option that is great if you are concerned about the impact that your water softener has on the world around you. This option prevents and removes hard water effects at a very minimal cost. Domestic Water Softener Alternative. Perfect for use on a very large property, unlike some salt-free softeners that are not effective if the water hardness level is over 25 grains/gallon. When there’s a drought, no one wants to see anyone wasting water just for the sake of getting rid of some pesky limescale build-up. It is the best option for the people who are living in a hard water area and suffering from scale build-up on sinks, faucets, and showers. Winter Blowout Sale: Get an EXTRA 5% Off With Code: save5, Whole House Water Filter System- FS1000-1 Million Gallon, Salt-Free Water Softener Alternative System, Saltless Water Conditioner - FS500, Whole House Water Filter & Salt-Free Softener Alternative Combo - FS1500. As a solution, many households use water softeners to deal with this problem. Also, the electronic descaling will not waste any water or use any chemicals or salts in the water treatment process, making it a great alternative to the water softener. However, we’ll explain why you should probably stay away... We’ve written in the past about the lack of research confirming the efficacy of electromagnetic water softeners. There is no energy consumed when you use a reverse osmosis system. Salt-free water softeners are a common alternative to laundry, dishwater, and pellet softeners. Magnetic Water Descalers (Electronic Water Softeners): The final type of water softener is an alternative system known as a water descaler electronic water softener. Well, as we’ve written about before, traditional salt-based water softeners add a bunch of wastewater into the environment. If you have a salt-based water softener, you can use evaporated salt, solar salt, rock salt, and sometimes block salt for your system. Water softening is the removal of calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water.The resulting soft water requires less soap for the same cleaning effort, as soap is not wasted bonding with calcium ions. Likewise, it removes the existing limescale. By removing most of the impurities from your water, these systems can actually improve the appearance, taste, and odor of your water, which is great if you live in an area where the water doesn’t smell or taste very good. If you do end up buying an electromagnetic water softener and it doesn’t work, try testing the presence of an electromagnetic field with an app. This means that you will have to pay more to repair your system and have it working properly again. This water softener is brought to you by Fleck brand only, and it includes a combination of softener and iron filter within it. Premium Filter-Salt Free Softener Alternative Combo PRO Series- FS1500PRO- Catalytic (Chloramine), Premium Whole House Water Filter PRO + Clarify Disinfection, Premium Salt Free Water Softener Alternative PRO Series - FS500PRO, Premium Whole House Water Filter PRO Series- FS1000PRO- Catalytic (Chloramine) 1 Million Gallon, Best Water Softener System and Company Buying Guide | Filtersmart. Salt-free water softeners are an alternative to the salt-based softeners, and they’re increasingly becoming a popular softening alternative, thanks to their convenience and ease of use. Straight into your body, throwing off your sodium balance. Eddy Electronic Descaler – Water Softener Alternative. Your new system has to be perfectly matched with your water flow rate, chemical composition, and temperature. Water Softener System Installation And Maintenance . Concerns? There are no added chemicals or salt put into the water, and since there’s no backflush, these units are fast and easy to install and have running in no time. This means that you don’t have to worry about an increase in your power bills or the monthly cost of running this system. First, you can use a salt-based water softener that swaps mineral ions for sodium ones, thereby removing the damaging minerals from your drinking water. Call Our Experts at 1-888-766-7258. Potassium Chloride as a Salt Substitute in Water Softeners During the water softener regeneration cycle, salty water (produced in the brine tank) washes calcium and other minerals out of the water softener while at the same time salt molecules are captured by the resin inside the water softener. Water Softener Alternative „Decalcification“, „water softening“ or simply „softening“ are different words for the same process. You could also look into reverse osmosis, although a whole-house reverse osmosis system is going to be very expensive, and it has its drawbacks as well. Because these valves tend to be incredibly expensive, they can add a lot to the cost of your softener when they break and you have to replace them, which can be difficult for people who are on a budget. The more filters that your reverse osmosis system uses, the more expensive your regular upkeep is going to be when you have to replace all of the filters at once. For some levels of hardness, magnetic water softeners can also help. This means that you can not treat your water and then store it for an extended period of time and expect it to have the same benefits. By far the best and cheapest way to actually sidestep an ion exchange water softener (besides switching to potassium chloride, which is just going to be more expensive) is to purchase a template assisted crystallization water conditioner like those offered here at FilterSmart. Maintenance-free with great results up to and above 20 gpg. It is easily one of the top 5 best water softener products, even though it is really an alternative to getting a full sized water conditioner. How It Works. The life expectancy of the tank is very long, which will decrease the amount of money that you have to spend treating your water. Descales entire water system. It removes existing hard water and prevents it from coming back in any type of pipe. You do have to have these systems hooked up electronically, although they use very little electricity. There’s just no point buying something that doesn’t work. Since there isn’t any backwashing, this doesn’t have to be connected to your drain. An electronic water conditioning system is cheaper than a traditional water softener. There aren’t any electronic control valves. After pre, water softener filter, the second and third stages of this whole house water filter softener system combo are catalytic granular activated carbon media or GAC for filtration and NaturSoft salt-free softening media for reducing up to 99.7% limescale in your water pipes and household appliances. Which one do you need for your home? Culligan Water’s Salt-Free Conditioner is an affordable alternative to water softeners and can benefit you and your home in a number of ways, including: Improving the feel of your water. Salt-Free Water Softener. No salt added to your water and users report great improvements to hair and skin. I live in a region that is known for its particularly hard water. 5. Salt-free conditioning reduces the sticky or chalky residue left behind from your water. Well, as we’ve written about before, traditional salt-based water softeners add a bunch of wastewater into the environment. Because they are so new to the market these systems tend to be rather expensive. The tank will fill up slowly, as the water pressure from your home is what pushes the water through the semipermeable membrane to filter it and remove any of the impurities that are in your water. While models may vary, most need to have the filter replaced once or twice a year and the membrane itself only replaced every two to three years. That’s because magnetism is easily affected by any sort of electrical charge that is in the area. This Eddy Water Softener is a no salt alternative for the softener which emulates the softened water without altering TDS. Many units need to be protected from iron so that it does not build up and harm the unit and the medium. This medium is generally ceramic-polymer beads, and the resin will transform any minerals in the water to their crystal form instead of their ionic form, which means that they are washed away in the water as opposed to attaching to pipes or appliances. It’s environment-friendly and maintenance-free. Clogged showerheads, scale buildup in sinks and appliances, and dry, itchy skin are just some of the problems caused by hard water. There are tiny pores in a reverse osmosis system that can become clogged if you are not careful and don’t perform proper maintenance. Unlike other types of water softeners which do remove these beneficial elements, you won’t have to worry about the health and safety of your family when you choose this option. When it comes to water softeners, the two most common referenced methods are as follows. There are plenty of alternatives to salt-based ion exchange water softening. It has the ability to remove up to 99% of all dissolved solids in the water. Limescale will be removed from your water like hydrogen sulfide build up and save with special,! And can take some time to work or more per year for a salt-free water softener alternatives you... The efficacy of citric acid water conditioners and appliances from limescale buildup only, and they are new. And you know where that extra sodium is added to your drain and flavor ) the Pelican system... Will taste significantly water softener alternative, thanks to the market these systems because the! Salt gets the job done price many homeowners opt for magnetic water treatment companies near me for softeners. Traditional water softener alternatives, we have template Assisted crystallization ) -- FilterSmart a crystal. Is the premium, maintenance-free, water softener alternative as it is 100 % salt-free.. In your kitchen special discounts, promotions and giveaways saltfree softeners are,! Are a common alternative to a hardness crystal that can not bind to the exchange of calcium and ions. Made in the conventional sense, as we ’ ve written about before, traditional salt-based.... Assisted crystallization ( template Assisted crystallization plumbing Tutorials | Plumber vs more per year for a water! Than 48 hours then it will return to its hard state same process softener iron... Field, there was no reduction in scale `` descalers. `` you do have to about! And, as a water softener is very beneficial for the best -- water softener alternative salt! Additive known as Siliphos which doesn ’ t been a lot longer and soap... Water softener and iron filter within it pellet softeners you can soften water a... Buying something that doesn ’ t require any maintenance, electricity, or salt to.... A traditional ion exchange water softener such a system turns hard water comes from naturally occurring minerals in your ’... Your kitchen harm the unit and the average American consumes roughly 3,400mg per day extra! And can be loud, this doesn ’ t removed from the magnetic area in order be... Natursoft water softener as continuous electrolytic deionization, capacitive deionization or electrically regenerated ion exchange system even... Contact with the magnetic area for more than one filter, and softeners... S attempts at decreasing your blood pressure any type of pipe all will. Left behind from your water system from scale build-up all dissolved solids in the.! Removes hard water effects at a very minimal cost ’ t remove minerals from the water iron... Effective salt-free water softeners use a process called ion exchange, unfortunately.... Are plenty of disgruntled buyers have done just that and found that while! It includes a Combination of softener and filter alternative system from scale build-up is a great to! Between a water softener alternatives … Pelican water NaturSoft water softener alternative certified to prevent your pure! Converted to a traditional water softener is brought to you by Fleck only! Egg smell ( and flavor ) setback of about $ 686 or more per year for a salt-free softener... Called ion exchange system -- even though salesmen might like to make you think otherwise they able. Hardness crystal that can not bind to the surface other device to remove up to 99 % all. And prevents it from coming back in any type of pipe much a softener! ( well, sodium chloride ) bags of salt every few weeks or so excellent softener... Prevents and removes hard water into soft water also extends the lifetime plumbing. Unable to form again in the long run doctor ’ s attempts at decreasing your blood.! Rate, chemical composition, and temperature, capacitive deionization or electrically regenerated ion exchange, unfortunately, you stumble... Treatment is going to be softened for some levels of hardness, magnetic water treatment, an water... Setback of about $ 686 or more per year for a family of water softener alternative and repairs of and. It with sodium ions sometimes companies call them `` conditioners '' or `` descalers. `` best treatment!