These levels dictate which slots on the weapon they can fit in. Any thoughts? I had been grinding tempered Val hazak and received it from quest rewards. After hundreds of hours of playing the game one finally dropped. so would normal up have more value than critical boost and weakness exploit?No Weakness exploit and critical eye +7 would give him 90% affinity with 0 affinity bows giving you basically 20% more damage on weak points vs the 10% boost of normal shot 1. Close. Mighty Bow Jewel? Seconded, I got mine from a tempered Vaal Hazak. Posted by 2 years ago. Don't use this is if you want to grind "The Name's Lavasioth" quest or Melder tickets for decos. Decorations. Why you might ask? I put that much time into grinding tempered elder dragons and tier two monsters. Instructions - What You’ll Need: Scissors Safety Pins or Stapler What to Do: 1. Decorations in Monster Hunter World (MHW) can be placed into Weapons and Armor to … save hide report. What is the Mighty Bow Jewel 2 you might be asking? This is basically the best you can hope for, as the feystones that drop are the best for